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Before the most recent regularly scheduled meeting of the Cazenovia Village Board on Oct. 3, two public hearings were held, allowing residents the opportunity to voice their opinions on two local issues.

Mayor Kurt Wheeler first opened the discussion of the possible annexation of the Stowell parcel, beyond McDonald’s on Route 20, as village property, and then offered updates and solicited public comments on the Clark Street bridge situation.

These types of gatherings are what makes our local government transparent, and successful. Giving residents the opportunity to speak to issues that will affect them, instead of passing legislation and asking questions later, sets Cazenovia apart from many other municipalities.

At the meeting, a representative from Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes spoke to the board and public in support of the annexation and potential inclusion of the franchise gas station/convenience store. “I think the annexation of the Stowell property and approval of the Nice N Easy will be an advantageous addition to the village of Cazenovia,” he said.

A longtime resident spoke later, proposing that the land be put to different use, one more diverse than what Cazenovia already offers its citizens and visitors. “I don’t think Caz needs another gas station,” she said.

During the Clark Street bridge discussion, a Burton Street resident spoke, urging the board to take action on the closed overpass. “We haven’t experienced a winter without the bridge yet. Couple high snow banks with icy roads and children walking to and from school, and this is an emergency,” she said.

A Clark Street resident also spoke, but against the village’s immediate possession of the bridge, hoping Madison County would do more to sweeten the deal. “The county needs to pay. They let the bridge worsen for years, without any attempts to maintain or repair it,” he said.

Communication is key, and these chances for dialogue ensure that residents of Cazenovia, as well as their appointed officials, are on the same page. Both issues will be discussed at the next village board meeting, Nov. 7

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