LETTERS: Mother of three to run for seat on Caz board of education

To the editor:

My name is Nicole McLean and I am running for a seat on the Cazenovia Central School District Board of Education.

I’d like to explain why a mother and wife, working a full-time job, wants to serve our children and this community.

In an effort to be transparent (hmm, where have we heard those words before), I can tell all of you that I don’t have a great deal of downtime spent dreaming of taking on more responsibility and I’m not someone who has a secret agenda that I want to get passed.

To be frank, I didn’t even give much thought as to just how important our school board was until I was encouraged by our board’s president to attend a couple of meetings.

Guess what meetings I had the good fortune to attend? The budget meetings! What an eye-opener!

The board has some very hard decisions to make and it is just going to get tougher and tougher over the next few years. The so-called 2 percent property tax cap, which is actually 1.6 percent in Cazenovia, makes things difficult; as well as the funding that was given as part of Obama’s so-called “stimulus” has run dry, leaving us with a deficit of about $150,000, but the figure keeps changing so don’t quote me on that.

One thing that remains constant between meetings is the real threat to academics at our district. Also constant is the fact that our enrollment is down. This is not something unique to our district but is being seen across New York and our great country.

So, if enrollment is down why are we looking to fill a vacant full-time administrative position?

Less students, less work for the current administrators, why don’t we all make sacrifices in this difficult time and share workloads? This makes good sense to me and many taxpayers across our community.

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