LETTERS: Resident disgusted with recent treatment of his American flag

To the editor:

Last Sunday morning, after “brushing my teeth,” I looked out my bathroom to see that my American flag had blown of my flagpole and ended up by my neighbor’s mailbox.

I threw on a jacket and headed to retrieve it.

When I got to the mailbox, I saw that the daily newspaper delivery patriot had driven over the flag, rather than take the five seconds it would have taken to get out of the car and at least not run over it, if not pick it off the ground.

I called the daily newspaper and expressed my disgust at the desecration. I spoke to a woman named Karen and she shared my disgust. She took all of the info and said the delivery manager would call with an apology.

I said the apology should go to the millions that have served that flag with honor and distinction. Maybe I should hold out for an apology from Obama!

Richard Brown

Proud Flag Flyer


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EdRoickle 3 years, 10 months ago

Is it possible that the "daily newspaper patriot" just plain didn't see the flag on the ground? After all, the paper usually is delivered very early in the morning when it is still pitch dark. And why wasn't your flag more securely fastened? The flying of the flag indeed a privilege secured by the blood, sweat, and tears of many, and as such great care should be taken by flag owners to make sure it doesn't tear away and end up where someone might accidently run over it. As far as an apology from President Obama, I'm sure the Commander-in Chief would agree that the reponsibility is with the owners to protect their flags, but he wouldn't require an apology for your honest mistake.


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