Caz committee to review Comprehensive Plan, zoning of Village Edge South

— Trustee Amy Mann voiced her concern for reviewing the Comprehensive Plan, as two years of work and innumerable hours of consideration was put into it by the original committee members. During the meeting, she read from a letter she had prepared.

“I have spent the past month listening to various points of view, and am still working out my own opinions,” Mann said. “I do not undo or re-do other people’s work frivolously … when I look around the village, I still see Riverside with no plan, unfilled retail space both in the Historic Cazenovia Business District and [Town and County] Plaza, and abandoned properties with no use. I guess if I felt like we had exhausted all of our other development opportunities and had people lining up for Village Edge South, or if a St. Joseph’s or other organization which could offer a needed service to our community showed up, I would more readily jump on board. But I don’t see those things.”

Trustee Dave Porter said he would be comfortable reexamining the plan, as it doesn’t mean the village board would be obligated to make the changes, once presented. “I’m a little cautious myself. I don’t understand the Comprehensive Plan completely as well as those who have spent a lot of time with it. There seem to be people who want to take a look at it and there are some people who don’t want to take a look,” he said. I’m comfortable taking a look at it.”

Trustee Tim Mahoney commented that if any developments on Village Edge South do occur, they should be carefully designed to be in keeping with the community’s character. “I’d like to see an architectural review of all new commercial construction that goes on in our community, specifically on Village Edge South,” he said. “It just seems that some of the structures that have been built over the past couple of years are lacking in what I would consider to be within keeping with our rural and historic community.”

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