LETTERS: Keating supports Caz High School Agricultural Program

To the editor:

I was recently informed that the Cazenovia Central School District Board of Education is considering cutting the high school agriculture program in half.

As a student in agriculture classes; this saddens me. I have been in agriculture classes for almost two years now, and I enjoy every minute of it.

The classes have made me want to learn more and I thrive on them. The classes not only are about agriculture, but math and science are tied in as well.

Classes like animal science have helped me so much in biology class and they really reinforce what I have learned. Agricultural classes look very good on a college resume and give students of Cazenovia High School an advantage over students from other high schools when applying for college.

For someone like me, who wants to major in biology and pre-veterinary in college, the ag program really prepares me for that with classes like veterinary science and biotechnology.

The ag classes also are helping me explore career options with the different types of classes. So many careers relate to agriculture, especially in upstate New York. Careers such as research, creating new technology and marketing agricultural goods are all important jobs in the agriculture industry.

When we live in such a rural area, it doesn’t make sense to cut classes that relate so heavily to our environment. The ag program gives me and many other students something to look forward to in school.

Overall, the agricultural program teaches students things that will be used in their college courses and career.

I encourage everyone in the community and on the board of education to please vote to keep the agriculture program at Cazenovia High School.

Holly Keating

Sophomore, Cazenovia High School

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