LETTERS: Bull weighs in on situation with proposed Caz Lake sewers

To the editor:

On Oct. 9, Cazenovia Town Supervisor Ralph Montforte sent a letter and survey form to some Cazenovia Lake watershed residents to question the feasibility of extending water and sewer lines to areas on the northern and eastern sides of the lake.

I called Ralph to comment that some important issues hadn’t been brought up and he suggested that I summarize these in this letter to the Republican.

I moved to Cazenovia 34 years ago, have lived in five houses in both the town and village, and have raced a sailboat on the lake for most of those years. I’ve seen the gradual deterioration of the lake water quality — some years worse than others. I’ve read engineering studies, witnessed thousands of dollars spent to address symptoms and have concluded that the lake water quality will continue to deteriorate unless we control the entrance of human waste and effluent into the lake and that a sewer system is an absolute requirement for this to be done.

We can continue to ignore this need because the solution is hard, but I don’t think Cazenovians are the type of people who want to slough off problems that must be dealt with to future generations.

What are the additional issues not dealt with in Ralph’s letter?

In the early 1980s, a sewer proposal that would add very little cost to the affected residents was voted down by a substantial margin. Why? Most of the no-votes were cast by people who felt, quite correctly, that the Town Zoning Plan was inadequate to prevent explosive and undesirable growth. This concern is still very pervasive and unless the sewer/water plan comes bundled with a well-thought-out zoning plan for the affected area, it has little chance of passage.

The proposed cost per affected property owner is higher than most would accept. Obviously, if some of the cost was offset by government funding, this would be a great help. The even apportionment of the cost to taxable property owners needs review and fine tuning.

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