LETTERS: Davies comments on missing military absentee ballots

To the editor:

Recently, I read an article in my monthly VFW magazine that caught my attention and made my blood boil. The article was about missing military ballots. As of Oct. 25, 2012, they had not been sent to our service men and women overseas. The article, entitled “Counting Military Ballots,” also stated that five states — Alabama, California, Illinois New York and Wisconsin — did a very poor job of getting the ballots overseas in time to get them back to the United States to be counted.

States are required by law to do so under the “2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act.” The reasons stated were “due to bureaucracy or an insufficient system.” Also stated I the article, was that “much of the blame falls squarely on the Voting Section of the Department of Justice which fails adequately enforce.”

Several weeks ago, I sent letters to Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer to ask them to check into the situation, but as yet, have not had a response.

These military men and women are Americans, putting their lives on the line every day to defend out right to vote — they deserve to be the first people to vote on Election Day and not to be ignored.

As a U.S. Navy Vietnam War Combat Veteran, I am appalled that this is allowed. I hope many citizens will contact their congressmen or senators and end this neglect.

Ron Davies


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