Medical marijuana soothes the pains of Multiple Sclerosis

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I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 1993.

I am on 11 medications daily, most of them associated with keeping daily pain at bay — including a 75 micro gram morphine patch. I still have severe paralyzing muscle spasms almost every night and live with chronic pain every day.

Before my patch I was on vicodin — another one of our “legal” drugs — still having so much pain that I had started to take more and more, juggle scripts at different pharmacies trying to help keep my pain at bay.

By the time I finally realized that I was in over my head and was an addict, I told my pharmacists I was addicted and not to sell me any more vicodin. In 2005 put myself in a rehab program to rid myself of an addiction to pain killers.

At the time, I couldn’t believe local physicians all said the same thing, “Do you know how many people we know [in this area] that are addicted to pain killers? And out of all of them you are the first one to have ever admitted to it and done something about it.”

A statement I find so sad, as I cannot imagine how many of us are trying to manage their pain to just be able to put one foot in front of the other.

Although I am now on a morphine patch as well of a bag full of other concoctions, and am still living daily with intense pain, I’m no longer juggling scripts although the pain is extremely severe at times. I am just trying to function in spite of it. I also have a number of gastrointestinal problems from my wonderful concoction of medications causing extreme nausea at times.

The only drug that helps me with pain and my nausea has been marijuana. When I am able to be lucky enough to come across some — which is few and far between — I am soothed by its amazing ability to temper both.

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