Time to take responsibility


The village board’s recent actions increasing parking fines, making enforcement more stringent and actively pursuing parking violators delinquent on paying their fines is an appropriate and laudable act, and one that was probably long overdue.

The fact that there are 1,600 unpaid tickets totaling more than $64,000 is unconscionable. Certainly some of those violators were college students who have since graduated and left Cazenovia, or one-time visitors from out of town, but the majority of those unpaid fines belong to local residents.

We, as a society, more and more demand increasing government entitlements and yet lashes out fiercely at the idea that we pay for those same entitlements. Think of the issues and services the village could address with that $64,000 it currently has to find some other way — typically by cutting other programs or raising taxes.

America may not be a perfect country with a perfect form of government, but it is, as was once said, a “shining city on a hill” that offers freedom and hope to others who do not enjoy our prosperity. But government at any level does not work when the community it serves loses sight of civic duty. The community does not exist to allow us to do whatever we want however we want without any consequences for our actions.

We all must participate in our community and respect our village for our local government to function efficiently and effectively.

We applaud our village trustees for deciding to take action on this issue, and our village police for lessening their tolerance for law breakers. It is time for parking violators to take responsibility for their transgressions and pay up.

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