Forced from anonymity by state intrusions


To the editor:

I normally am an anonymous, tax-paying and law-abiding citizen of this once great state of New York. That was until now. I am no longer anonymous. First, what forces me from anonymity? A Baptist church’s annual Wild Game Dinner held for the past 27 years busted by the Madison County Department of Health. Really people, are you kidding me? This is where our tax dollars are going.

Mr. Snyder [health department director] informs the pastor, by email no less, a day before he “raids” the event and, undoubtedly, ruins the night for 200 tax-paying citizens. He couldn’t have visited the pastor and informed him? He had no trouble mobilizing and visiting on the night of the event. What was the pastor to do with 24 hours notice anyway? Mr. Snyder, shame on you.

The second issue pushing me from anonymity is governor Cuomo's new “gun control” measures aimed to keep us New York state citizens safer. Once again people, really? These “laws” that were force-fed to us will do absolutely nothing to save lives. These new “laws” only make once law-abiding citizens criminals and, by the way, will cost state taxpayers $36 million more before the NRA lawsuits ensue. Governor Cuomo, shame on you.

What to do? Well, abide by the new “laws,” pay your taxes and occasionally speak your mind. In the meantime, do your research and find a state in the United States that actually respects its citizens, asks for input from its citizens before enacting “laws” and where freedom really means something ... then move there. There are plenty of truly great states in this country.



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