Only in Cazenovia


To the editor:

I moved from California to Cazenovia a few years ago, and my experiences in this community have been so delightful that I often say, “Only in Cazenovia,” when a stranger helps me in one way or another. But the latest event needs full caps. ONLY IN CAZENOVIA!

One day it was important for me to get something into the mail as soon as I could, so instead of waiting for the mail person to pick up my envelope the next day, I drove to the post office. When I got there, I grabbed my cane, just in case I would need it, and then got out of the car.

After I’d deposited the envelope in the mailbox, I turned only to find myself facing a giant of a man, tall and bearded, carrying a cane and wearing heavy gloves and a huge winter jacket with a hood that almost obscured his face. He greeted me in a friendly fashion and then, holding up the foot of his cane, which had prongs at the bottom, he asked me if I’d ever considered getting a similar safety measure for my cane in the winter time. I admitted that I’d been on the Internet, trying to figure out the best kind to buy. He told me I could get the attachment at the local pharmacy or that one could be ordered for me. After exchanging names and finding out that we lived in adjacent apartment complexes, we parted. I thanked him for his suggestion.

When I got into my car I thought, “Oh, shucks, I’ll just go to the pharmacy and look into getting this winter attachment to my cane.” And I did just that. I parked my car, grabbed my cane, and went into the store … and almost fainted. There was the same man I’d just talked to.

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AaronBenEzra 3 years ago


It is incumbent upon me, to thank you for your letter "Only In Cazenovia", as I am the 'Saskwatch', who assisted you with your cane prongs, and as I too must echo your sentiments about this wonderful town of Cazenovia. I moved here only three years ago, and I have been blessed by so much kindness by so many Cazenovians. Meeting you and helping you was a blessing and a privilege. Have a safe winter and many more so in only good health!

Sincerely, Aaron Ben Ezra


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