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A story of love and healing: Native American tribes bond over Cazenovia wedding

Event ‘helps to heal the old wounds of the relationship between the Oneida and Onondaga Nations’

When Neal Powless and Michelle Schenandoah first met as young teenagers, they did not know they would fall in love or that, 27 years later, the deep historical connections between the Oneida and Onondaga Nations would be tied to their love affair. The children of prominent families of two different Iroquois tribes, their story is reminiscent of other star-crossed lovers from nearly 200 years ago from the same tribes, who died in the lake trying to run away together, and whose death has been the basis of legend ever since. The Powless-Schenandoah wedding and attendant ceremonies consecrated this past weekend on the shores of Cazenovia Lake have bridged this centuries-old tribal rift.

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Conover, O’Donovan wed in Ireland

Cassandra Thompson Conover and Conor Finbarr O’Donovan were joined in matrimony at the Holy Trinity Church, Ballinspittle, Ireland, the groom’s family’s church, in a formal ceremony attended by their parents, sisters and brothers, and many members of the congregation.

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Foxgloves flower shop offers old world style reimagined

Cazenovia native Lisa Kendrick always wanted to do her own thing. After living and working 16 years in New York City as a graphic designer, she returned to Cazenovia a little more than one month ago to open her own business. The day after she arrived in her old hometown, Kendrick opened the door to her new endeavor — Foxgloves Flower Shop. Foxgloves, located at 53 Albany St., is a full-service flower shop that also creates and sells home decorations and Cazenovia-related creations; Kendrick also offers floral work for bridal showers, weddings and other events.

Caz College to host 20th Signature Music Camp

Cazenovia College, in conjunction with Signature Music, recently announced it will host the 20th season of Signature Music Camp on its campus July 15 to 28.

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Usbornes celebrate 55 years of matrimony

Sam and Barb Usborne recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on Dec. 29.

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Driscoll, Brandi wed in September ceremony

William Burns Driscoll and Carolyn Knighton Brandi were recently married on Sept. 4, in Skytop, Penn.

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Did you know?

Weddings are one of the many milestones in life that are marked with celebrations both religious and festive. Following are some facts and figures related to the sacrament of marriage.

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Take the cake

Choosing the confection of your dreams

There are many different designs, types, colors and shapes of wedding cakes to choose from. The best way to choose what you like is to look through books and magazines and then look at pictures of your cake maker’s work.

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Diamonds are forever

Found the right guy? Help him find the right ring

Historically, the man has been the one who has chosen the ring with which to surprise his beloved. Nowadays, that practice is not done as frequently, and the bride-to-be gets to put her two cents in.

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Small things that add a personal touch

Sometimes the devil is in the details, and the little things can get lost during the planning process. The following is a list of some of the small items that can help make your day complete.

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Responsibilities of the Groomsmen

Happy couples choose friends and family members to serve as attendants in their weddings. Bridesmaids and groomsmen each have different responsibilities in the wedding.

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Wedding Finery

One of the most exciting, and sometimes stressful parts of planning your wedding is picking the wedding dress. The following tips will help you not only select your dream gown, but the bridal party's finery as well.

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Meaningful wedding photos:

Five things every bride should know

Three years ago I was married to a wonderful man in Jamaica. There were so many special details of that day that I swore I would remember forever. The truth of the matter is with every year I remember less and less of the details. Old age is a real bummer! Every year on our anniversary I force my husband to go through our wedding album, and recall all those funny stories or special moments we shared on our special day.


You and the love of your life have found each other and an exciting time in your life is beginning to unfold, a time when you proclaim your love and devotion for one another in the company of those most important to you.