A grateful thank you to the community from CAVAC


To the editor: On July 5 and 6, CAVAC (Cazenovia Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps) held its annual Cazenovia Arts and Crafts Fair at Lorenzo State Historic Site. There were more than 100 craft and food vendors who participated in CAVAC’s only fundraising event of the year. We had a record high of more than 10,000 visitors who attended the event over the weekend. The huge success of the event can be attributed to the efforts of many people and organizations throughout the community.

Bittersweet leave-taking and thank you from longtime Brewster Inn employee


To the editor: This Sunday will mark my final shift as a waitress at the Brewster Inn. After graduating college in May, I have been fortunate enough to land a job in my field of study—however I did not expect it to feel so bittersweet.

In the guise of protection


To the editor: The proposed Western Gateway commercial district attempts to address multiple issues in the guise of ensuring the protection of existing homes and businesses on Ledyard Avenue. The proposed zoning provides no additional legal protection over what the homeowners have today.

Village residents should be concerned about trustees’ willingness to change zoning laws


To the editor: Residents of Forman Street, Albany Street, Hurd Street, Sullivan Street and residents of any others residential areas in Cazenovia should be concerned, as are we, about the apparent willingness of the village board to change existing zoning laws simply to accommodate special interests.

Clarification needed in previously published article on St. Joseph’s Physicians, The Heritage Group


To the editor: We would like to clarify a few issues that were miscommunicated in the article about St. Joseph’s Physicians, The Heritage Group in Cazenovia, published July 2 in Our Town Cazenovia.

People working together help keep our community safe


On the evening of Monday, July 7, or, probably more accurately, in the very early morning of Tuesday, July 8, someone visited our Sullivan Street backyard and turned over all of our lawn furniture and then helped themselves to our lacrosse goal, which has lived in the back of our yard for about eight years with no incident.

On the campaign trail: Katko named Republican ‘Young Gun’

Congressional candidate John Katko has earned the status of “Young Gun” from the National Republican Congressional Committee after reaching the third and final tier of the group’s recruitment program. Founded in the 2007-08 election cycle by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program provides financial support to candidates in races across the country.

On the Campaign Trail: Katko calls out Maffei; Kessner backpedals on primary

At a press conference on July 2, Republican Congressional candidate John Katko criticized Democratic opponent Dan Maffei, the incumbent representative for the 24th Congressional District, for his grandiose infrastructure plan as well as his vote against a House measure that encourages oil drilling within the U.S.

From the mayor: Preserving our future

There are many exciting new initiatives taking shape this year. This is not an accident, but part of a conscious effort to choose a constructive, sustainable path for our community. In 2011, the village of Cazenovia celebrated its 200th anniversary, an inspiring legacy of history and continuity. Yet community leaders simultaneously face major challenges related to infrastructure, demographics and revenue. Meeting those challenges will require vision, teamwork and shared commitment to forging a path that connects our heritage to our future.

Tease photo

Common Grounds Service Learning Program has successful first year

What is service learning? This was the exact question I was asking myself a year ago — well, a school year ago, when I decided to take on this role. Ultimately, service learning is a philosophy where students are encouraged to combine what they study in school with their own skills and interests, and apply it to community service activities. Moreover, the goal of service learning is for students to reflect on the issues and needs of the area, organization or population that they are serving, which in turn offers an opportunity for them to grow as a result of the work they do in our community.

Thanks to community for supporting Limestone Creek Hunt


To the editor: As one of the Masters of Foxhounds of the Limestone Creek Hunt I would like to publicly thank the community and especially our hosts, the Coughlins of Crosswinds Farm, for producing another wonderful Limestone Creek Hunt Landowner’s Party this Friday past.

Successful after prom party made possible by parents and local businesses


To the editor: Each year at this time, high school juniors look forward to their year-end, black-tie event, which has been an age old tradition in the US and increasingly in the UK and Canada. More recently, parents and teachers, concerned about the safety of teens wishing to extend the evening, have begun a new tradition, the After Prom Party.

After Ball Committee thanks community for support


To the editor: The Cazenovia High School After Ball Committee would like to thank the many people who helped make this year's After Ball Party a huge success.

Free gift to veteran dad for Father’s Day


To the editor: A suggestion for Father’s Day June 15: give your WWII, Korean War or terminally ill veteran father or grandfather the gift of a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit monuments dedicated to their honor.

Another zone change kerfuffle


Ledyard Avenue residents last week voiced extensive concerns and criticisms at a public hearing about the village’s proposed local law to create a new zoning district and to change the zoning of certain land parcels on both sides of Ledyard Avenue from Route 13/Lakeland Park to the western village boundary by the Trush property. As we report in this week’s issue, the village board was shocked at the vehement criticisms and had no idea they were coming. We, likewise, did not expect the public hearing to turn into such a long and heated discussion, and had no idea residents were upset over the Western Gateway proposal.