Why I still do this

State finals remind writer of joys inherent in covering sports

So you want to know - after all these years spent jotting illegible things down in notebooks, doing hundreds of interviews, writing thousands of stories, covering untold numbers of contests both mundane and meaningful, and then hammering it out in front of an inanimate computer screen, why keep doing it?

A successful restaurant does not belong among homes


Dear Chairman Huftalen and members of the planning board, Like many Cazenovians, I am worried by the precedent that will be set if the non-conforming use at the corner of Chenango Street and the bridge is rezoned as a Planned Development. The present proposal for expanded office space and a restaurant with outside seating will be character changing for the single family neighborhood — by which I mean Chenango and Mill streets and Riverside Drive.

A committee’s thankless task

Group that decides NCAA Tournament field deserves some love, right?

This Sunday night, just after 6 p.m., anyone who cares about college basketball will see the only bracket that matters. Ron Wellman, athletic director at Wake Forest, and the rest of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee will unveil the 68 teams for our annual Dance – who they are, where they are going, when they’ll be playing.

Tease photo

I’m going bald in March for my mother — want to help?


I only write columns for the paper when I really have something to say; and while I have no bylines in this week’s paper (because I was on vacation last week) the one thing I wanted to write for this issue was that I am shaving my head (and possibly my beard and mustache) for the March 16 St. Baldrick’s fundraising event in Cazenovia, and I hope as many people as possible will participate or contribute.

Cazenovia Children's House thanks community for Chilly Chili support


To the editor: It was a record-breaking year all around for the Chilly Chili, even with record cold temperatures! From the 1,012 registrants to the 845 finishers braving the elements to the 24 event sponsors and 16 food and beverage sponsors.

Town looking for citizens to serve on municipal boards


Are you interested in learning about and serving your community? The Cazenovia Town Board is looking for a few good neighbors to fill openings that come up on our Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Assessment Review, and the Cazenovia Advisory Conservation Commission (CACC).

Mayor responds to parking questions


Several questions have surfaced recently regarding parking in the village, particularly near the post office. I offer the following to clarify some of these points:

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Two weeks left, three points behind — Keep voting for Caz as ‘Coolest small town in America’

With only two weeks left in the voting for Budget Travel’s 2014 Coolest Small Towns in America contest, Cazenovia remains in second place — three percent behind Berlin, Md., at press time — after an impressive jump up from fifth place when the contest began in January.

Community should oppose possible abolition of selection classification program


To the editor: Thank you for the informative coverage of the recent board of education meeting. Good journalism engages the public to get involved in the major issues facing our community. That said, I am hoping other taxpayers will join me at the Feb. 24 board meeting and discourage board members from abolishing a long-standing policy that has allowed exceptional athletes from the seventh and eighth grades to participate in high school-level sports. Gifted players from any game should not be denied the opportunity to excel.

Retaliation against students should be addressed by school board, administration


To the editor: In your recent story regarding selection classification in athletics, board member Marris said “it is because people are afraid of retaliation against their children on the athletic team and in school” that parents aren't showing up at BOE meetings to express their opinions. I find it very troubling that parents in our community fear retaliation and would like for the BOE, the superintendent, administration and teachers to address this concern.

Peggy’s Lot needs short-term parking for post office users


To the editor: Every trip to the post office has become a quest: I have to circle the block several times, looking for that elusive space to emerge. Now that one space is dedicated to the “handicapped” among us, the task is become more daunting. One would think a handicapped space could be dedicated just inside Peggy’s Lot, where it would be safer disabled persons to enter or exit their vehicle. It seems paradoxical that an available space typically presents itself on the opposite side of the street to my line of travel.

Best against best

Broncos' offense, Seahawks' D makes for compelling Super Bowl

To save you a whole lot of time between now and Sunday night’s football game in New Jersey with a Roman numeral title that decides the championship of the National Football League, here is the lazy, tired narrative that will get repeated millions of times before they kick it off.

Owera Vineyards owner responds to editorial and criticism


To the editor: In June of last year, we opened Owera Vineyards on East Lake Road with the best of intentions. Our plan was to contribute to our local community and economy by developing a beautiful farm winery that produced and sold local products. We also hoped to create a business for our family. It was never our intention to cause any concerns or disruptions for our neighbors.

Home considerations

Even if Dome is maintained, new arena would help Syracuse

More than 30,000 packed the Carrier Dome on Jan. 11 as SU’s undefeated men’s basketball juggernaut dismantled North Carolina. Way more, perhaps up to 35,000, will be on hand next Saturday night for the arrival of Duke, even if they’re not as imposing as Blue Devil teams from seasons past.

A total disdain for the truth


The twisting, distorting, ignoring and even disdaining of the truth by Owera Vineyards owners and attorneys has by now, unfortunately, become commonplace in this months-long soap opera occurring in our town. The latest evidence of this occurred at last week’s State Liquor Authority hearing when Nancy Muserlian and attorney John P. Sidd, of the Syracuse firm Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, both told the SLA they had no idea there were any violations issued against Owera by any municipalities. These latest false statements are so outrageously egregious they would be laughable if they did not occur in front of a governmental body.