Thoughts on winter etiquette around town

Blunt Belle Column

The year is off to a good start. I only have a few complaints. Which is rare.

Movie Review: ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ – Moby Dick revealed

“In the Heart of the Sea” is not your typical fish story. Based on the book by Nathaniel Philbrick, the film offers the unrelenting, thumping peril offered by dangers from weather above and beasts below.

I don’t want to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions

Blunt Belle Column

You know what really grinds my gears? New Year’s resolutions and the people that tell you about them. I simply don’t have time to stand around hearing how you waited until January first to “be a better person.” Why didn’t you get off your lazy tush like I did and change a few months ago? Does Jan. 1 mean something in another language that I’m not aware of except for “New Year’s Day?"

How I quit being a domestic engineer

Blunt Belle Column

About nine months after I moved to Cazenovia, I was invited to an elite philanthropic party. I practically forced someone to go with me and dress up, as I thought this was the moment where I had “made it” in town.

Colorful, humorous and relatable — ‘The Art of a Life, Dorothy Riester: A Memoir’ is a great winter read


With winter weather setting in, many Cazenovians are turning to a book by the fire for their entertainment — and books by local authors and about local subjects are always good to keep in mind. The recently released “The Art of a Life, Dorothy Riester: A Memoir,” as told to Victoria Kennedy, more than fits the bill as an entertaining read, a beautiful coffee table book and a fascinating local story.

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Poem in honor of Veterans Day: Ambush: 1969

The following poem was written about Lt. John Marsh, USN Seal Team 1, and his action in Vietnam which resulted in wounds so serious his career was ended. The poet, Tom Hayes, created the work from bits and pieces of conversation and stories between him and Marsh in Cazenovia.

Plutonic relationships

Blunt Belle Column

Since when can’t a guy be friends with a girl, without wanting more? And since when can a girl want to be friends with a guy, without wanting more? It’s difficult for people in relationships to trust each other enough to have these boundaries. No one wants their girlfriend going out to chat with a guy, in a small town, because as we all know, gossip will spread.

Saving strays brings a reward worth the risk

Blunt Belle Column

Bizmark, Oliver, Schatzi, Blue, Walnut, Duncan, Cali, George, Prince, Pita, Lady, Dice, Penny, Indy, Epiphany, Jake, Max, Bruin and Colt are only a few of the names of animals that were rescued by people … and at the same time, rescued those people as well. When we, as humans, need guidance and comfort, it’s often that we find it humbling and embarrassing to talk to others. That is where we find love and restfulness in animals.

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Blunt Belle Column

In honor of Theodor Seuss Geisel (widely known as Dr.Seuss), this week's column about gossip will be written in what I call “his fashion.” His works were always friendly, yet conveyed a deeper message when read in their entirety.

The spirit of the ‘Cazenovia Curmudgeon’ lives

Blunt Belle Column

Donald Kruger, whose insight over the years has been irreplaceable, was known as the “Cazenovia Curmudgeon,” and would write eloquent rants about the town. I believe in the antiquity of the written word, as did he; I believe in newspaper opinion columns that have a free voice, as did he. So I will now be contributing a weekly column to the Cazenovia Republican written in his spirit — not to replace his legacy, but simply to honor his time and commitment.

Book review: The story after the fairy tale – ‘The Isle of the Lost,’ by Melissa De La Cruz

I bet you think you know all about our beloved Disney animated princess movies, with their heroic endings and vanquished villains. But did you ever think of what happened to the villains after the “happily ever after?”

Gabor welcome speech to Sept. 11 commemoration event

Project Café President Mimi Gabor gave a brief speech to welcome the approximately 100 community members who attended the 9/11 commemoration and candlelight vigil last week in Cannon Park. Her remarks are printed below with her permission.

‘The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics,’ by Daniel James Brown


“The Boys in the Boat” is the story of an eight-man University of Washington crew team that rose to national prominence and competed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The book’s inspirational tale of college underdogs and athletic achievement is a story of personal transformation for its central figure, crewsman Joe Rantz, but also shows a wider view of American life during the Great Depression.

Graduation, summer parties... What could possibly go wrong?


Graduation day June 2006 was truly a time for celebration for both parents and daughter. It represented a significant, hopeful and joyful milestone, marking the beginning of adulthood. On that joyful day in June 2006, could we possibly imagine it would all end in tragedy seven years later … as a victim of a drunk driver?

Album review: Twenty One Pilots – A change in sound, but for the better

Just in time for summer, Twenty One Pilots released “Blurryface,” a fun, upbeat and easy listening album comprised of 14 songs with relatable and comical lyrics that are accompanied by mainly percussion and guitar instrumentals.