A total disdain for the truth


The twisting, distorting, ignoring and even disdaining of the truth by Owera Vineyards owners and attorneys has by now, unfortunately, become commonplace in this months-long soap opera occurring in our town. The latest evidence of this occurred at last week’s State Liquor Authority hearing when Nancy Muserlian and attorney John P. Sidd, of the Syracuse firm Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, both told the SLA they had no idea there were any violations issued against Owera by any municipalities. These latest false statements are so outrageously egregious they would be laughable if they did not occur in front of a governmental body.

A year of changes


It’s amazing how quickly a year passes away. And when the weeks are replete with news, events and achievements — such as 2013 was — the time only expires that much more rapidly. Cazenovia has seen its share of moving and important stories this year, as we have reviewed in this week’s issue. The Cazenovia Republican also has experienced great changes and evolutions in 2013 and, looking back, it’s impressive how far we have come.

The audacity of Owera


There are many items of interest we could opine on this week: the impressive athleticism of our high school athletes, the results of the recent election, the inspiring actions of two of our Cazenovia police officers — but we feel compelled to comment once more on the situation with Owera Vineyards and its appearance before the town planning board last week. How can the Muserlians even conceive of a situation in which the planning board would reward them with more freedom after repeatedly ignoring local laws and regulations?

Don’t waste your vote by not voting


Election Day is coming up fast, and the town of Cazenovia has five positions up for election as well as ballot propositions to extend the supervisor’s term of office and to change the town clerk from an elected to an appointed position. As our readers are most likely aware, the seats for town supervisor, town board, town clerk and town justice are all uncontested — but this should not be a reason to avoid voting on Nov. 5.

The college is part of our community


We have been thinking in recent weeks that despite the fact that we are a “college town” there seems to be a large disconnect between the college and the village communities. And this really should not be so.

‘Speed Week’ sends reminder about dangerous driving

Speeding on local roads, or highways, can be dangerous and can out you and loved ones needlessly in harm’s way. As a reminder of this fact, state police will be cracking down on speeders this week, remember not to speed now, rather than after you’ve already been ticketed.

It’s time to move the brewery project forward


The May 6 village board public hearing on the Empire brewery proposal was the most interesting and illuminating to date. After listening to Katleski’s presentation and then reviewing all the studies, drawings, photos and other new information in the planning board’s Empire Brewing Company files, our conclusion is that all the major concerns and issues raised in the past three months have been more than adequately addressed, and this project will be a benefit to the community.

It’s about responsibility


The Feb. 25 board of education meeting was replete with discussions on important issues such as budget, attendance and student safety, which we reported on this week. The board’s decision to revisit and review its new attendance policy was especially interesting — and one with which we can’t help but disagree.

Time to take responsibility


The village board’s recent actions increasing parking fines, making enforcement more stringent and actively pursuing parking violators delinquent on paying their fines is an appropriate and laudable act, and one that was probably long overdue.

EDITORIAL: The importance of shopping locally

As with every year, a number of deep discounts were offered to the early-risers and bargain-hunters the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Congrats, Burton Street Elementary students and staff

From the editor

On Friday, Sept. 7, United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan verified what many Cazenovia residents already knew, by recognizing Burton Street Elementary School as a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School.

An apology to local veterans

From the editor

Last week I fielded a phone call from a Cazenovia resident and veteran of the Korean War, who was upset about the lack of coverage of the 2012 Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony in the Cazenovia Republican.

Remember to visit the polls


Another election is upon residents of Cazenovia. This year, three residents are vying for two available seats on the Cazenovia Village Board.

A second ‘so long’


Although I had a letter to the community in the paper May 16, people still do not realize I am retiring from the advertising department of the Cazenovia Republican. Friday, May 25 was my last day.

The tools for success


Yet another facet of the Cazenovia Central School District has been recognized for its excellence on a national level. Members of the high school technology department were recently given a commemorative plaque, after having been named as one of Project Lead The Way’s 16 nationwide “Model Schools” for the 2010-11 school year.