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Willie Kiernan's Memorial Service

Willie Kiernan

A Memorial service for Willie Kiernan, who passed away on July 10, will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 1 at Lakeside Park in Cazenovia. Willie and his wife Terri made Cazenovia their home over 20 years ago. He served as chef at Wheatberry, manager at Common Grounds ...

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #4: Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

An inspirational story about three teenagers that try to find their place in a world that they may not live in for long.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #3: Dreams, Expectations and Imaginations

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #2: Lights, Camera, Tonys

My review of the 46th annual Tony Awards

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #1: Introducing Me

Why read this blog? Who's the author? Find out now!

why get a teaching degree....

apparently...there is no point

I recently applied to Cazenovia Central. I have three years teaching experience. I went to school there and subbed there. On top of this, I have a B.A. in Elementary Education, a Master's in Literacy, and an Ed Specialist degree in Reading. I was told I probably would not be ...

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Baseball sectional playoffs primer

As promised, here's a look at the other bit of diamond doings that we head into, the Section III baseball playoffs, with the requisite crossed fingers that the weather will behave and we'll get all of these games in on time. That's not a small problem. Things went nuts in ...

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Softball sectional playoffs primer

The spring sports season is such a whirlwind - games at least six days a week, tournaments, meets, and then more of the same - that settling down and taking stock is, for me, close to impossible. At last, though, that moment has arrived. We're about to enter the Section ...


Smelly Beer Factory aka Empire

So you want a smelly town huh Kurt Wheeler? Have you ever smelled spent grain? Have you ever spent a nice beatiful July day on the lake and had it ruined because all you could smell was spent grain from mass prioducing beer? No? or Not yet? that is the ...

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Stick check

It's been a while since I've written a blog entry - a full month, to be precise. Too much time spent watching consequential basketball games, and even a few that weren't. Too little time spent with family at Easter. A fair amount of time working, and then working, and then ...

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No titles this time around

Each of the last five years, someone from Section III would return home from state basketball championship weekend with a gold plaque in tow. Jamesville-DeWitt's boys, boasting the likes of Brandon Triche, Dajuan Coleman and Tyler Cavanaugh, four times accounted for much of this streak. But so did the Breanna ...

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Five for the final four

Just 40 basketball teams make it to the climactic weekend of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association championships, better known as the state final four. For Section III, it proved a 50-50 proposition. Ten teams went into regional play, and five are still going, and for the ...

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Oh, Brothers! And Rams, too

Hyperbole is something I generally try to avoid. Calling anything the (fill in the blank)est (fill in the blank) EVER is particularly noxious because some people will say it...and say it again a couple of days later...and again a couple of days after that...and so on. However, there are exceptions. ...

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A weekend of champions

In terms of concentration of activity, no moment in the winter sports season tops the first weekend in March. State championships get handed out in indoor track, gymnastics, bowling, boys swimming, even rifle. Meanwhile, ice hockey started its state playoffs, and for the Section III champs, one improbable journey continued, ...

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By the way, at the Dome...

Let's not kid ourselves. The quintet of Section III boys basketball title games, important as they were, took a back seat - and I mean a seat wayyyyyyyyyyyy in the back - to the absolutely stunning finish of the Section I Class AA final at the Westchester County Center. If ...

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Girls hoops sectional finals recap

Once the 2013 edition of the Section III girls basketball championships was done at the Carrier Dome Saturday night, we found ourselves celebrating three teams who won it all again and two others who, to get to the top, had to upend the reigning champs to do so. By far, ...

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Super sectional Sunday primer

Something odd took place Tuesday night in the Section III Class C-1 and C-2 title games. The no. 1 seeds won. Really. Beaver River, the pace-setter in C-1, erupted for 31 fourth-quarter points and turned back Tully 77-58 at Jefferson CC. Mohawk, continuing its impressive farewell tour in C-2 (they ...

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Girls go to the Dome

Two weeks of Section III girls basketball playoff action has led to the five contests that will play out on the big stage at the Carrier Dome on Wednesday and Thursday night. How did we get here? Well, in the case of the first two title games on Wednesday night, ...

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Landmarks and breakthroughs

Quite a Saturday, wasn't it? From the emotion and intensity on a sheet of ice in Utica to the history carved out on wrestling mats in Albany, the Section III ice hockey and state wrestling championships featured enough excitement to last for two months, much less two days. We'll start ...

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Far beyond the limit

Yes, we'll get to the basketball, but we must start on the ice, where four Section III hockey semifinals brought varying degrees of drama - and in the case of Division II, they played for quite a while. At Allyn Arena Tuesday night, it all started with Skaneateles hosting CBA/J-D. ...

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